New Age Models in Conservation

Knowledge based (STEM +Finance, Law & Policy) practical, replicable & scalable conservation models are needed for addressing today’s forest protection & wildlife conservation issues. There is a need to simultaneously reconcile conservation policies & human development priorities  ranging from human animal conflict issues, livelihood pressures on forest (deforestation, livestock), poaching problems on one hand; and poverty, ignorance, lack of education & social development on the other hand. This requires out of the box approaches to problem solving.  Innovation is the need of the hour in conservation field, more than anywhere else. There is a need to take landscape level perspectives, multi-dimensional, collaborative & science based approaches with quick turn around times (the windows of opportunities are dwindling faster than ever at the current rate of ecosystem losses) while also leveraging the latest advances in technology.

There is an emerging shift towards the newer, pragmatic & practical approaches to conservation that rely on globally validated knowledge based models with implicit acknowledgement of the complex, collaborative & multi-dimensional aspects required for addressing today’s conservation challenges.